Winter Wonderland at Wilmington

medical assistant school, dental assistant school, massage therapy schoolWhether training to be dental assistants, massage therapists, or professional medical assistants, students join together to brighten up the hallways

Wilmington, Del., Whether or not the holidays will see snowfall, no one can know for sure. But at the Wilmington campus of the Harris School of Business, the students and staff have created a Winter Wonderland that will definitely spread the holiday cheer.

Just step through the doors at our Wilmington campus, and you will be greeted by a giant toy soldier. As you wander through the halls, you will see classroom doors wrapped like enormous gifts, a snowman made of Styrofoam cups, a chimney complete with Santa on top, two decorated trees, and a North pole with elves.

During this year’s Winter Wonderland decoration contest, everyone was invited to decorate doors, windows, hallways, and bulletin boards. What started out as a few small decorations quickly evolved into very intricate displays. The displays will be judged on December 23, but no matter who the winner is, everyone knows that the important part was working together as team.

The winter holidays are a great time for students to take a short break from their studies and get to know their fellow classmates and instructors a little better. One of the benefits of attending the Harris School in Wilmington is the “small school feel” that many students enjoy.

The campus offers career-focused training in three areas: dental assisting, professional medical assisting, and massage therapy. All classes are provided under one roof, and unlike larger colleges and universities, there are no large lecture classes. At the Harris School, students have the opportunity to get to know their instructors, and this helps to create a sense of respect and accountability to one another.

Some students have even said that the Harris School feels like a family. The Winter Wonderland contest at the Wilmington campus is a good example of the sense of community that both students and staff enjoy.

The Harris School would like to wish a Happy Holidays to all its staff members, students, and their families.