Wilmington Campus Makes Valentine’s Day Meaningful

Harris School Wilmington DE campus, organ donation, American Heart Association DonationStudents learn about organ donation and complete a successful fundraising initiative

February 14 is commonly a day to share candy and flowers with your loved one. But this year at the Harris School of Business Wilmington campus, students did a lot more, by spending time thinking about and doing for others.

Big hearts for the American Heart Association

Students had the chance to enjoy chair massages as they wrapped up a fundraising effort to benefit the American Heart Association. Donations this year totaled more than $400. These funds were as the result of several initiatives, including:

  • a pancake breakfast
  • a 2-day bake sale
  • an opportunity to wear special “red scrubs” (instead of the usual colors dental assistant students and medical assisting students are required to wear) by making a donation.

Involved in the fundraising were the January and February senior classes, as well as senior instructors.

A presentation on donor awareness

Because February 14 was also National Donor Day, The Wilmington campus had a visit from the Gift of Life (GOL) Donor Program. GOL volunteer Bill Murray came to campus and told his inspiring story—about awaiting a kidney transplant—to an audience of more than 100 students. He brought bracelets, bags, and lots of pamphlets to share with students.

GOL is a non-profit organization, founded in 1974, that covers Delaware as well as eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Along with the Delaware Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Board, the GOL Donor Program sponsors Delaware’s statewide campaign for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness, called “Point. Click. Save Lives.” The goal is to encourage Delawareans to opt-in to become an organ and tissue donor.

Facts about organ donation: Did you know?

Today in Delaware there are:

  • thousands of residents awaiting a life-saving transplant (organ or tissue).
  • more than 600 people (out of 120,000 nationwide) waiting for an organ transplant.

Every 12 minutes another name is added to the national organ donor list, and this donor shortage is a public health crisis. Only half of Delaware’s licensed drivers and ID card holders have registered as donors with the state’s DMV.

Follow the lead of many of these dedicated students and become an organ donor. Registering online is easy! And it can save a life. Find out more at the GOL website.


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