Why Choose a Career as a Health Claims Specialist?

medical billing courses, medical billing traning, health claims specialistThere are a variety of reasons why you may choose to have a career as a health claims specialist(medical billing). Health claims specialists work in the business side of healthcare which may be a perfect fit for you if you are interested in both finance and medicine.

A job as a health claims specialist will enable you to be a part of the medical field while working more as a business person, rather than working with patients on a clinical level. For people interested in the financial side of healthcare, this is often a good career to pursue.

All About a Career as a Health Claims Specialist

Health claims specialists work in a variety of settings including:

  • general hospitals
  • outpatient care centers
  • nursing care facilities
  • government agencies
  • health maintenance organizations
  • medical billing companies
  • physician’s offices

Their lists of daily tasks could vary depending on where they work but may include things such as:

  • submitting and auditing insurance claims
  • reviewing bills and statements
  • analyzing insurance claim forms
  • using classification systems software

Most of this work is generally done in an office setting and/or over a telephone. Some health claims specialists are even able to work from home, depending on the circumstances. Because so much of this work is done using special types of computer systems and software, candidates who have sufficient training in those areas may be particularly desirable for these job openings.

At Harris School of Business, we offer a program of study for those interested in pursuing a career as a health claims specialist. Some of the offered courses in this program include: Coding, Insurance, Computerized Billing and Hospital Billing and Coding Forms. Harris classes can help prepare you to enter the career world of health claims specialists. In addition, we offer you resume preparation support and provide services for job placement. This program of study is offered at our Cherry Hill, Hamilton/Trenton, Linwood and Voorhees sites in New Jersey and at our Dover campus in Delaware.