What to Look For in Healthcare Employers

job search healthcare professions qualities to look for in healthcare employersCharacteristics Healthcare Professionals Should Research in Potential Employers!

During your job search, you’ll begin to apply to potential healthcare employers. It’s an exciting time in your life to make use of your healthcare knowledge!

While you write cover letters and prepare your resume, you should also take time to research your potential employer to learn more about their organization and their job requirements.

Researching a healthcare employer before you apply can save you time and energy. Reviewing potential healthcare employers will help you determine if their facility and work community are desirable ones. The research process will also help prepare questions to ask during your job interview.

If you’re wondering what you should look for in a healthcare employer, The Harris School of Business offers students and graduates a guide to desirable characteristics of future healthcare employers. These research steps could help you choose the right healthcare job for you!

1.Size of the employer

During the application process, identify the size of the potential healthcare employer. A large organization is drastically different than a smaller healthcare organization or practice. But there are benefits to working with both larger healthcare employers and smaller employers. Larger employers may offer more comprehensive benefit packages, have more structure, and you may have the ability to transfer to a different location. In smaller organizations you could have varied responsibilities, quickly responding management, and your success may be noticed more. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the size of an employer. Your choice depends on what you want to accomplish and how you work best.

2.Mission statement

It’s important to know what practices the potential healthcare provider endorses, provides, and what they seek to accomplish. Their website can give you a better sense of how they present themselves to the world and their values. If you think the potential employer could be a good match, you can prepare further questions to see if your values and passion about healthcare are similar.


It’s necessary to read online reviews so you understand how the community, clients, and workers feel about the healthcare employer. These reviews will help you understand if they are competent, reliable, and a trustworthy healthcare network. Reviews will let you know if they treat their workers with respect. It could also help you determine if working for them will improve your knowledge and skill set.


During your job interview, you’ll get to interact with the hiring manager and possibly other healthcare administrators or workers. As you answer and ask questions about the job position, you may get a sense of what it’s like to work there. Ask yourself if you feel like the workers and managers are cooperative and responsive from what you hear and see.

5.Employer’s Goals

When you research your potential employer, try to find a financial or annual report where you can learn about the organizations’ budget, priorities, and goals. These details will help you decide if their goals are aligned with your own. It may also give you an idea if you have the opportunity to advance or grow in the job position.

When you get to the interview process, you can get to know the hiring manager and learn more about what to expect on the job. Your interactions and questions will help you determine if the job is right for you. These qualities could produce a healthy and productive work environment, and ultimately lead to a fulfilling healthcare career.


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