What is Four-Handed Dentistry?

Dental Assistant trainingIn four-handed dentistry, dental assistant students learn to act as “extra hands” for the dentist

At the Upper Darby campus of Harris School of Business, students are hard at work learning what it means to be a Dental Assistant. One of the techniques students learn about is referred to as “four-handed dentistry.”

Four-handed dentistry may sound like something a space alien should be doing, but really it is simple to understand. It simply means that the dental assistant’s two hands are assisting the dentist’s two hands, helping to reduce the amount of time a dental exam or procedure may take.

Leroy Philips (instructor) and Beverly Warren (student) are with the Dental Assistant program at the Upper Darby campus of Harris School of Business.  In addition to four-handed dentistry, they have been learning about amalgams (fillings), dental impressions, the use of dental instruments, how to provide chair-side assistance, lab procedures, and much more.

Dental assistants play an important role in the field of dentistry and can help contribute to a smoothly-running dental office. If you would like to be a part of a professional dental team, the Dental Assistant program may be the program for you. The Harris School’s Dental Assistant program is also offered at the Voorhees and Wilmington campuses.

In addition to dental assisting, the Upper Darby campus provides a Medical Assistant program as well. Harris School of Business is proud to offer seven campuses with an array of program offerings.

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