Voorhees Dental Assistant Students Learn New Skills from Clinical Educator

Dental assistant schools, dental assistant trainingThe South Jersey campus invited Dr. William Paveletz to demonstrate dental procedures

The Dental Assistant students at the Voorhees campus of the Harris School of Business were in for a treat in early April. A special guest was coming to lunch. Clinical Educator Dr. William Paveletz met with the students, enjoyed lunch, and then provided a clinical education session.

During the session, students learned how to place a dental base, liner, and composite material, as well as how to light cure the materials in a prepared tooth. The clinical education session gave the students a chance to practice these techniques using dental models and dental tools.

William Paveletz, DMD, has roots in the Philadelphia region and across Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, and completed his residency and postgraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh Dental School. He is currently a Clinical Educator with a dental products company called VOCO The Dentalists. In this role, he has speaking engagements across the country. He covers topics such as restorative dentistry, esthetic dentistry, nanotechnology, and dental prosthetics, both fixed and removable.

VOCO The Dentalists is a company based in Germany with branches throughout the world. The company develops composites, bonding agents, and other materials, and participates in research projects with universities and research institutes worldwide. The company also hosts educational seminars and courses for practicing dentists.

Also joining Dr. Paveletz for the luncheon was Ms. Jennifer DeProspo, a VOCO Field Representative. The Harris School of Business wishes to thank Dr. Paveletz and Ms. DeProspo for their interesting and informative session. The opportunity for hands-on learning is the kind of instruction that helps students build their skills and confidence.

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