Voorhees Campus Puts the Spotlight on Healthcare

Medical Assistant ProgramsMulti-Skilled Health Technician, Professional Medical Assistant, and Dental Assistant are just a few of the offerings.

The Voorhees campus is proud of its focus on healthcare. With this picture gallery, we are putting the spotlight on the Multi-Skilled Health Technician program.

If you were to visit the Voorhees campus, you would find students in the Multi-Skilled Health Technician program learning through hands-on experience. They practice their new skills on each other, whether it is administering EKG’s, drawing blood, or taking vital signs.

Karen Shupp serves as the program’s instructor, as well as a faculty advisor and student council advisor. She helps insure that students have the clinical skills necessary for a variety of different roles in the healthcare field, including nurse’s aide, EKG technician, or phlebotomist. In addition to clinical skills, Ms. Shupp emphasizes the need for strong communication skills and social skills when working with patients, so that patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The Voorhees campus also offers four other healthcare-related career-focused programs: Dental Assistant, Health Claims Specialist Plus, Professional Medical Assistant Plus, and Surgical Technology.

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