Voices from Our Dental Assistant Training Students

dental assistant trainingNew program at Voorhees campus attracts students from a variety of backgrounds

After completing high school, Lashanda Rorie and Symone Martin both took an exciting step toward their future careers and decided to enroll in career-focused training at the Harris School of Business. They chose the new dental assistant training program at the Voorhees campus, and within a few weeks’ time, they both knew they had chosen the right path. The campus had recently started offering the program, and it featured a new dental lab, enthusiastic instructors, and all new materials.

“I had been going to college,” says Lashanda, “but I wasn’t the college kind of kid. And I started to think, ‘I love teeth, so why don’t I come to the Harris School of Business for dental assistant training?’” And that is exactly what she did. Symone had similar thoughts, and enrolled in the same class as Lashanda. Symone finds the classes to be “motivating, hands-on, and exciting.” She enjoys going into the dental lab and getting hands-on experiences that help prepare her for new career.

What do you learn in dental assistant training at Harris?

Like all career-focused programs at the Harris School of Business, this program is an accelerated program that focuses on the skills and knowledge you will need for the job. Some of the courses include:

  • Dental Anatomy: Students learn about how teeth develop, the structures of different teeth and their location in the mouth, and the structures and tissues that surround the teeth.
  • Dental Office Procedures: Assistants may be responsible for a wide array of duties, so it is important that students learn common office procedures, such as front desk reception, good telephone etiquette, how business office systems work, how to schedule patients, and some billing and accounting procedures.
  • Chair-side techniques: Much of the chair-side training takes place in the dental lab, and focuses on how to assist a dentist as he or she is working on a patient’s mouth. This course involves hands-on training on common equipment and procedures.
  • Preventative Dental Care: Prevention of decay is the best thing you can teach your patients, and this course covers the latest methods for decay prevention, brushing and flossing methods, and the role of nutrition in tooth decay.

What are some of the benefits of coming to Harris?

Sometimes “word of mouth” is the best way to learn about something, so let’s hear what our students have to say about the benefits of coming to Harris:

“Teachers at Harris are persistent and tell you the things you need to know in a way that you can understand,” says Lashanda. “I love the fact that Harris offers an externship experience,” Lashanda continues. The externship is a placement in a real dental office where the students gain on-the-job experience before entering the workforce.

Symone agrees, and says, “The teachers listen. That’s the best thing a teacher can do is listen to what you have to say.” Lashanda concludes by saying, “The Harris School of Business is an awesome school, and you should definitely take a chance at coming here.”

If you want to hear more from Lashanda Rorie and Symone Martin, view our video. Harris gives its thanks to Lashanda and Symone for being willing to appear on screen!

To find out more about this program or any of our career-focused programs, call the Harris School today. We offer many programs including medical billing courses, massage therapy courses, medical assistant programs, and more. Just call us at 1.800.510.7920, and the staff at the Harris School will be happy to help you learn more.