USA Today Highlights Harris Medical Assistant Student’s Good Deeds

Medical AssistantAt her externship job at LabCorp, Christian Reynolds is reunited with an accident victim she had helped 18 years earlier

The national newspaper USA Today ran a feature story about two women united by a good Samaritan act that was performed by Harris student Christian Reynolds many years ago. Read the full story here.

Harris Medical Assistant student Christian Reynolds was in for a surprise when she attended her externship job at LabCorp last month. What started as a usual day ended up in a delightful story about life’s coincidences.

Working as an extern during Medical Assistant training

The day started out like any other. Reynolds, a student in the Professional Medical Assistant training program at Harris School’s Wilmington campus, was working in her externship placement at LabCorp in the Fairfax Shopping Center. At her externship, she sees many patients each day, but there was one particular patient that day who really seemed to “click” with Reynolds.

The patient, Joan Huber, was 75 years old, and was known to have difficult veins for drawing blood. Reynolds impressed the patient by finding a vein on the first try. The patient was so pleased with her phlebotomy technique that she asked Reynolds her name, so that she could ask for her the next time she came in for blood work. “My name is Christian,” Reynolds said.

Upon hearing her first name was Christian, Huber went on to explain that a long time ago, a young teenager named Christian had helped her when her car collided with a school bus. The teen had gotten out of the school bus and wrapped her own jacket around Huber’s head to stop her bleeding. Huber had never forgotten this good deed, and believed this young teen named Christian to be her guardian angel. But she had never gotten a chance to meet her.

As Huber’s story unfolded, Reynolds stared at her with disbelief. “I am that Christian!” Reynolds said. Now 34 years old with three children, Reynolds still remembers riding the school bus 18 years ago, and witnessing the accident that occurred. And she still keeps a clipping of the newspaper article that described her efforts to help the accident victim. But she had never expected to meet Huber in person!

What’s more, Reynolds’s good Samaritan act when she was a teenager was not her last. Just last year, Reynolds was on the Interstate when she saw a car had flipped over and was on fire. The driver was still in the car. Reynolds had the courage and strength to pull the driver out of the car to safety before calling the police for help. Her children witnessed her doing this, and are now thoroughly convinced that their mom is a hero.

And we at the Harris School of Business couldn’t agree more. The Harris School is fortunate to work with students like Christian Reynolds, who are an inspiration to those around them. The Harris School wishes Christian all the best as she goes on to pursue a career as a medical assistant.