“Ticket to Your Future” Gives Inspiration to Linwood Students

medical billing and coding, medical assistant programsGraduates find jobs in medical billing and coding, medical assisting, and at area pharmacies

It’s a big occasion when another student at the Linwood campus of the Harris School hangs up a ticket on the “Ticket To Your Future” wall. Every ticket on this wall signifies a Harris graduate who has secured a job! Students at this campus have put many months of hard work into preparing for jobs in medical billing and coding, medical assisting, and pharmacy technician positions.

The Linwood campus of the Harris School of Business, located in southern New Jersey, offers three programs that are career-focused, with an emphasis on hands-on experiential learning:

Health Claims Specialist: In this program, students prepare for jobs in medical billing and coding. The emphasis is on understanding the coding systems that are used for medical diagnoses and procedures so that insurance claims can be processed properly. Students learn software programs that help prepare them for the world of Electronic Health Records.

Professional Medical Assistant: This program prepares students for medical assisting in a wide range of settings, including primary care offices, specialty offices, hospitals, surgical centers, and more. Students learn everything from anatomy and physiology and medical terminology, to performing venipuncture (blood draws) and administering electrocardiograms (EKGs).

Pharmacy Technician: With training in this program, students are prepared for pharmacy technician jobs in community pharmacies and hospitals. Students learn about the major prescription medicines, medical terminology, inventory control, over-the-counter medicines, pharmacy ethics, and everything that is needed to step into a job as a pharmacy technician.

Career Services Department helps students find jobs in medical billing and coding, medical assisting, and pharmacy

Even with the proper training, finding a job can be an intimidating process. One of the many benefits of attending a career-focused school is the services that a Career Services department can offer when it comes time for the job search.

At Harris, our career services department is connected with local and regional employers, and can help students find out about job opportunities, help prepare them for interviews, and support them throughout their job search. Conducting an effective job search is the culminating step in a Harris education, and our Career Services department is here to help.

And as the staff at Linwood knows, getting started in a good job is the “ticket to the future.” So every time another Harris student finds a job, the Linwood staff and students like to celebrate by hanging a ticket on the wall for everyone to see. The Harris School wishes to congratulate all of our graduates, and wish them the best of luck in their new careers.

If you are interested in finding out more about career-focused education at the Harris School of Business, we may have a campus near you. Our campuses are located in:

Cherry Hill, NJ
Linwood, NJ
Hamilton/Trenton, NJ
Voorhees, NJ
Dover, DE
Wilmington, DE
Upper Darby, PA (near Philadelphia)
Danbury, CT

To find out more, call 1.800.510.7920, and a representative will be happy to tell you more about the school. Who knows? The Harris School could be your ticket to the future!