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Multi-Skill Health Technician Courses

The Multi-Skill Health Technician at Harris School

The multi-skill health technician curriculum at Harris School provides students with a strong foundation in patient care procedures and theory, and clinical procedures, including phlebotomy, electrocardiography, and laboratory tests.

This program is offered in four modules, with each module focusing on different aspects of what students will need to know to succeed in the workplace:

  • Course Title
    What this Course Is About
  • Module I
    An introduction to the structure and function of the human body, the use of personal protection equipment, the concept and practices of aseptic techniques, and the practice of venipuncture and phlebotomy. Students will study communication, management, and professional behavior.
  • Module II
    In addition to anatomy and physiology, students study cardiac terminology and techniques for the basic EKG. Students will learn how to determine rates, recognize arrhythmia, and identify heart blocks. This module includes an introduction to cardiac-specific pharmacology and the use of Holter Monitors.
  • Module III
    This module introduces the student to the legal relationship between the doctor and the patient, malpractice, confidentiality, breach of contract, and medical practice legislation. The student will learn/assess when to perform CPR and First Aid.
  • Module IV
    This module focuses on the role of the multi-skilled technician in patient care settings, patient care skills such as feeding and transport, and the legal and ethical issues relating to patient care.
  • Externship
    160 hours


This program is designed to provide students with strong foundations in patient care procedures and theory, clinical procedures such as electrocardiography, and laboratory tests. These courses, combined with a real-world externship program, allow students to perform clinical and technical functions in today’s medical office hospital.