Surgical Technology Brings Career Opportunities

surgical technology career

Completing a surgical technology school program offers many career options for graduates, both now and in the future.

Surgical technology programs prepare students for working right away and possibly advancing in their career. It’s only sensible to seek education that will result in a good job. Why invest the time and money in an education if it’s not helpful?

What surgical techs do.

Surgeons need surgical techs to help them set up the surgical theater, from the operating table to patient care to counting tools after surgery. The entire surgical team relies upon the surgical technologists’ work to keep the operating theater sterile, organized and running smoothly.

Why surgical techs are in demand.

The surgical techs’ program prepares students to enter a career path in high demand. The aging “Baby Boomer” generation represents a silver tsunami already increasing consumption in the medical world. As the Boomers grow older, their need for surgery increases. The types of surgery available also increases as medical discoveries advance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), that means growth in this occupation should increase. Growth leads to high demand for surgical technicians, the placement rate is high.

Where surgical techs work.

Surgical techs work in a variety of settings. They may assist during operations at hospitals, same-day surgical centers, ambulatory surgery offices and institutional settings such as nursing homes and correctional facilities. They may also assist specialists in many different medical fields. If their surgical tech programs are accredited through a commission on accreditation, they can find employment at many facilities nationwide.

After successfully complete their health education programs and the exam by the national board of surgical, anatomy and physiology, graduates can begin working. Their surgical technology programs completely prepare them for surgery assistance, whether it’s in prep work, or, in some facilities, as hands-on as using hold retractors to allow surgeons a clear view of their patient’s surgical site.

What surgical techs can do in the future.

Many surgical techs want to continue their health education programs and obtain a bachelor’s degree so they can become a surgical first assistant. This higher level position includes more direct patient care and assistance to the surgeon.

Whether they choose to continue working in the operating room or move on to another arena in healthcare, graduates of Harris’ surgical tech program know that they have a solid foundation in healthcare.