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Become a Surgical Technologist

Do you want to work in the fast-paced environment of healthcare? Are you considering surgical tech schools? As a surgical technologist, you will work alongside surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, and other surgery professionals inside the operating room.

You’ll be setting up instruments and equipment, preparing patients for surgery, and helping the surgical team throughout the process. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment as a surgical technologist is growing much faster than average.

Harris School’s Surgical Technology program prepares students for entry-level jobs in clinical settings such as surgical units, surgi-centers, and surgeons’ offices.

All in a Day's Work

As a surgery technologist, you will take part in setting up for surgery, the surgery itself, and the post-operative period.

  • Prepare the operating room
  • Set up surgical instruments and equipment, sterile drapes, and sterile solutions
  • Assemble both sterile and non-sterile equipment
  • Check and adjust equipment to ensure that it is working properly
  • Prepare patients for surgery and transport them to the operating room
  • Observe patients' vital signs, check charts, and help the surgical team prepare for the operation
  • Pass instruments and other sterile supplies to surgeons and surgical assistants
  • Hold retractors, cut sutures
  • Help prepare, care for, and dispose of specimens taken for laboratory analysis
  • Help apply dressings
  • Operate sterilizers, lights, or suction machines
  • Help operate diagnostic equipment
  • Help transfer patients to the recovery room
  • Clean and restock the operating room

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