Success Story: Harris Graduate Finds Renewal in the Field of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy school, massage therapist school, massage therapist schools. massage therapy course, massage therapy programDana Watson, a graduate of the Cherry Hill, NJ campus, completed the Massage Therapy program, and got ready to begin her new career

Dana Watson knew she was ready for a new career field after the TV station where she was working went defunct. She had worked in broadcast television for 10 years. As a producer with CN8, she was so successful that some of her programs even won Emmy awards! But over the years, she witnessed the fast-paced demands of a changing industry, and decided it was time to move on.

“I realized that sometimes with all of the pressures of the modern world, we can fall out of touch with what is important in life,” says Dana. “I decided to pursue a career that promotes wellness and renewal, and massage therapy seemed to be the perfect fit. In this world of technology and busy schedules, we forget how important human touch is.”

Through the State of New Jersey’s unemployment program, she discovered she was eligible for tuition assistance at area business schools and technical schools as long as they were accredited schools. Through more online research, Dana quickly discovered the Massage Therapy program at the Harris School of Business.

“Not only was I happy to learn that the Harris School of Business was accredited, but I was also impressed with the staff,” Dana remembers. “The instructors had a great deal of professional experience to offer, and their backgrounds were so diverse. One instructor had worked in Europe, another had extensive spa experience, and another instructor had a more clinical understanding of massage.”

Massage Therapy Courses in South Jersey

Dana also found the campus in Cherry Hill, NJ to be conveniently located, and the hours were a good match with her schedule. Like all Harris programs, there was a good deal of hands-on learning in the Massage Therapy program. “The hands-on classes were so beneficial. During our classes, the instructors helped us learn proper massage techniques, and also to develop our own style.”

While at Harris, Dana got involved in student life as well. She was a Student Ambassador, and she helped the school to set up a system to help keep track of inventory for massage products, such as lotions and oils.

Dana excelled in her coursework and maintained a 4.0 grade point average. Once she reached her 500 hours of education, she began working part-time at the Concord Wellness Institute, in Pennsauken, NJ, and quickly impressed her supervisors. At Concord, she was able to build her hours with clients, and by the time she graduated, she was working at Concord regularly. She is now a Lead Massage Therapist, and also helps Concord with marketing events.

“From a very young age, I knew there was something important about human touch. I used to massage my mom’s feet when I was a young girl,” explains Dana. “I want to help people learn to feel ‘in the moment,’ and to make it their habit to feel refreshed and renewed.”

Earning her Massage Therapy Certification

Dana’s new career path is only just beginning. After graduation, Dana went on to study for the certification exam offered by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork). She was thrilled when she passed the exam and gained her certification. She also applied for her license to practice massage therapy in New Jersey.

As a long-range career plan, Dana is working on developing her own massage business called Golden Age Massage, geared toward older patients and patients in hospice care. Within the next few years, she hopes to have a well-established geriatric massage business that can be replicated across the country to help reach older people who may be able to benefit from massage therapy.

“Older people have used their bodies hard over the years, and their muscles have been put to the test for decades. Being aware of the massage needs of the elderly is important. Massage therapy can help their body to be in a better position to heal and feel renewed,” Dana explains.

Here’s wishing Dana Watson all the best as she pursues her new career! If Dana’s story is an inspiration to you, Harris School may be a good choice for you. If you are interested in the Massage Therapy program, or any of Harris’s career training programs, please take a moment and contact us today. We will help you get started.