Students in the Professional Medical Assistant Program Learn Anatomy through Hands-On Experiences

Medical assistant schoolsDissection gives medical assistant students a better visual understanding of human anatomy 

Listening to lectures and reading books are good ways to learn anatomy, but there is one hands-on experience that most students are not likely to forget. That experience is dissection.

Students in the Professional Medical Assistant Plus program at our Voorhees campus recently had the opportunity to dissect pigs’ hearts in order to better understand the way in which human hearts work. A pig’s heart is similar in size, structure, and function to a human heart, so it is an effective tool for learning about human anatomy.

Instructor Michael Carter led the class through a thorough examination of the heart and its functions. “Through dissection, the students were able to see the actual heart and connect visually with our medical terminology and anatomy lessons that we had previously covered,” Carter explained.

The Professional Medical Assistant Plus program at Harris School of Business includes a number of hands-on learning experiences, including taking vital signs on fellow students, learning how to work with needles for blood draws and injections, and practicing how to use EKG machines.

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