Students at Danbury Campus Study for Allied Health Careers

Enrolling in a certified nurses aide program or patient care technician program are just two of the rewarding career choices

Danbury, Connecticut. If you were to visit the Danbury campus of the Harris School of Business, you would find a busy place. Open seven days per week, the Danbury campus is always bustling with students. By offering rolling admissions, evening hours, and weekend hours, the school aims to provide convenient choices for today’s busy adult students.

At the Danbury campus, students may choose from the following career-focused training programs:

Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Administrative Assistants work in medical offices, where they handle a range of administrative matters. Their duties might include overseeing the waiting area, scheduling appointments, keeping track of supplies, maintaining patient records, working with vendors, and managing other details to help make the office run smoothly. Typically, medical administrative assistants do not have any clinical responsibilities. People who are interested in becoming part of the healthcare industry—but who may not feel comfortable with direct patient care—may want to consider this career option.

Phlebotomy Technician
Phlebotomy Technicians are responsible for collecting blood samples from patients and preparing them for analysis. They must be trained in the correct techniques for a proper blood draw, and all the expected protocols for handling specimens safely and accurately. Blood tests play a large role in patient care, because they help doctors to diagnose diseases and conditions. Phlebotomists are the first step in this important process.

Patient Care Technician I and II
Patient Care Technicians play an important role as part of a nursing team. Some of their responsibilities may be similar to those of a Certified Nurses Aide, such as delivering basic care to patients. They may also have additional responsibilities, such as administering EKGs, collecting lab specimens, drawing blood, or delivering basic First Aid. Students who want to go beyond the demands of a CNA may want to consider getting trained as a Patient Care Technician.

Certified Nurses Aide (CNA)
Certified Nurses Aides—also called Certified Nursing Assistants—are the professionals who provide basic care to patients. Basic care includes services such as helping a patient with his or her personal hygiene, helping a patient move from a chair to a hospital bed, changing bed clothes, and providing other assistance to the nursing staff as needed. Many CNA’s work in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities where patients need help with their basic needs.

The Harris School is proud to offer these important allied health training programs. If you are interested in scheduling tour at our Danbury campus, fill out our simple Schedule a Tour form today.

Our programs are designed to offer flexibility for students. We understand that adult learners have other commitments, such as raising children, caring for elderly parents, or holding down a job. With our daytime, evening, and weekend sessions, we hope you can find an option that works for you. Our admissions are rolling. That means, if you sign up today, you could be starting classes within six weeks’ time. We hope you take a moment and consider whether the Harris School of Business may be the right choice for you.