Student Council Supports Student Activities

mutli-skilled health technicianFundraisers help support fun events like Mr. Softee Day

Taking courses at Harris requires hard work, but there is also a time for fun. At the Voorhees campus of Harris School of Business, joining the student council can be a fun and meaningful way to get involved in the school, get to know other students, and take a short break from your studies.

Karen Shupp, instructor in the Multi-Skilled Health Technician program, also serves as the Student Council advisor.  She has helped the students to organize fundraisers, such as a Valentine’s Day bake sale, soft pretzel sales, and other activities that help to raise money for social events. Last year, the social events included a water ice day, a Mr. Softee day, and a lunch for Thanksgiving.

If you want to get more involved, talk to your instructor about activities that are happening at your campus. Getting involved is a great way to make a memorable experience at the Harris School of Business!

And remember, Harris School has year-round enrollment. We offer programs in the field of healthcare, such as Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Massage Therapy, Health Claims Specialist (medical billing) and more!

So tell your friends and family about us. All they have to do is fill out our simple information form, and they could be on their way to a new career path!