Starting a New Career: Harris Graduates Share Their News

starting a new careerMany graduates write to the staff at Harris to fill us in on their career news

The Harris School of Business is proud of its students, and we are especially gratified when our graduates write to us to share their career news. Below are excerpts from letters we have received from past students.

Starting a New Career in Healthcare: Lindsay W.

Dear Miss K,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am at Penn Cardiology and I owe that to you. I would have never done as well if I didn’t have you as my teacher. Aside from teaching, you gave me confidence and the ability to believe in myself. I just got my diploma in the mail today and it’s crazy to see how much my life has changed. I quit my bartending job after 14 years in the restaurant business. In my new job, Penn will pay for me to go back to school and the benefits are great. It’s just the beginning of a great career that I’m falling more in love with every day. And it’s so nice to work a day job during the week and be home on the weekend. I really want you to know what a difference you made in my life. You are an amazing teacher.

~Lindsay W.
Voorhees campus

Starting a New Career as a Phlebotomist: Heath G.

Dear Career Services,

I wanted to personally write you a letter of thanks for submitting my resume for a mobile phlebotomist position at Aculabs. I had an interview with them and I have been offered the position! I wanted to thank your department at  Harris School of Business for working with me, helping me prepare the best resume possible for future jobs, and also giving me tools to use for future endeavors. You and your department are a key component in a student’s career after Harris. You truly care about getting the student networked into their career choice. Thank you for assisting me in every step during my time.

~Heath G.
Multi-Skilled Health Technician, Graduate, Voorhees campus

Starting a New Career as a Multi-Skilled Technician: Stephanie M.

Dear Career Services,

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years. I have three children and my husband and I have owned our own construction company for 12 years. Last year my husband and I decided it would be best for me to go back to school and look for a full-time job. As of September, I have completed the Multi-Skilled Health Technician program at Harris, and have earned certifications in patient care, EKG, and phlebotomy. The staff here at Harris has been wonderful, including my teacher and the Career Services Department.

Thank you for taking the time to help me with my resume, references, and cover letter. Thank you for scheduling immediate interviews for me and always promptly returning my phone calls and answering any questions. I had my first interview and things went exceptionally well. You knew exactly what I was looking for and where I would be a good fit and that’s where you scheduled my interview. Thank you for all your time and consideration!

~Stephanie M.
Multi-Skilled Health Technician Graduate, Voorhees campus

As many of our graduates have found out, it’s never too late to look into career-focused training. The Harris School of Business offers a range of career training options, such as medical assistant programs, medical billing courses, massage therapy training, and dental assistant training. Visit our programs page to learn more, or call Harris at 1.800.510.7920. We are here to help you as you start on a path to rewarding career.