Shantell Brown: Another Harris Success Story!

multi skilled heath technicianShantell Brown had a steady job working in residential customer service for a communications company, but when tough economic times hit, and the company downsized, Shantell needed to find work.

One day she heard an ad on the radio for Harris School of Business, and that was all it took for Shantell to place a phone call and inquire about Harris’s career-focused programs. “I knew that getting more education would help me find work, and I wanted a program that took less than a year to complete so that I could get back in the workforce as soon as possible,” Shantell explains.

After learning about programs like the medical assistant program and medical billing training, Shantell decided to enroll in the Multi-Skilled Health Technician program at the Voorhees campus of Harris School of Business. At first Shantell was nervous about going back to school, especially because she was making a career change from a communications career to something much different: the field of healthcare. “I told myself that even though I was nervous, I would just do it. And I did. I was determined to do it.”

While at Harris, Shantell did well in her classes, and appreciated the teaching methods and experience that her instructor, Ms. Karen Shupp, brought to the classroom. She also gained valuable experience during her externships at Quest Diagnostics and at a local chiropractor’s office.

As her time at Harris was nearing its end, Ms. Shupp helped Shantell and the other students with their job searches, and Shantell applied for a job at Virtua Hospital. Armed with her externship experience, a positive recommendation from her instructor, and a sense of confidence in her new skills, it wasn’t long before Virtua offered Shantell a job as an EKG technician. At the time of this writing, Shantell had been in her new position for almost one year, and when asked what she likes about her job, she said, “I like everything about it!”

What Shantell says about Harris School: “I learned a lot at Harris, and my instructor really helped me prepare for my new career field. Starting a new career may be a challenge, but I believe that wherever you are, as long as you put your best foot forward, you will make it,” says Shantell.