Recent Grad Prepares for New Career in the Field of Medical Assisting

professional medical assistantDamion Stevens makes starting a new career look easy

Damion Stevens is proof that if you have the courage and determination, you can go back to school and make a career change. Stevens had been working successfully in the field of IT as a network administrator, but after a downsizing at his company, he took some time to reevaluate his career.

“I had always been interested in the medical field, and realized I was tired of a career where I stared at a computer all day,” says Stevens. “I wanted to be in a career where I could help people improve the quality of their lives. So I began by looking into entry-level medical careers, and learned about the Professional Medical Assistant program at Harris,” Stevens continues.

Soon Stevens enrolled in the Professional Medical Assistant program at the Hamilton, NJ campus. He found that he was able to quickly get back into the routine of being a student, and did very well in his classes. “The teachers were very helpful. I liked the pace of the coursework, and the hands-on labs were awesome,” says Stevens. He also found that the hours were convenient to his schedule, and he enjoyed the accelerated pace of the program.

Toward the end of the program at Harris, Stevens held an externship in a nearby neurology practice, giving him hands-on experience and preparing him for his new career. After his medical assistant training, Stevens went on to study for and pass the NCCT exam for medical assisting, making him a certified medical assistant.

And he doesn’t plan to stop there. When asked about his goals for the future, Stevens explained that he would like to gain experience working as a medical assistant, and eventually to enroll in further education to become a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant, and even some day to have his own practice.

The Harris School is proud to have had Stevens as a student, and welcomed him back this spring to speak with current students about their career training. Stevens’ advice to current students is, “Have a dream and know what you want. Follow your dream seriously and act professionally, and you can go far.”