Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician

Skills that can help pharm techs succeed!

Are you interested in medicine and its effects on the human body? Enrolling in a pharmacy technician training program may give you the background you need to pursue a career in the pharmacy field.

Pharmacy technicians are the professionals who help pharmacists to distribute medications to customers, measure medications, package and label prescriptions, and organize inventory. In addition, they also conduct many interpersonal activities throughout the day.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are several important qualities you should possess as a pharmacy technician. If you don’t have these characteristic already, you can always develop them in a training program and an internship at The Harris School. Here are five important skills you need for this career field:

1. Customer-service

If you work in a retail setting, pharmacy technicians have to offer assistance to customers who come in for their prescriptions. You will need to interact with customers by asking if they need help with directions or using any prescriptions, entering their personal information, and handling payments at the cash register. You will have to make sure that you are helpful and courteous to your customers. If they don’t understand how to use a prescription, then kindly seek out a pharmacist for further assistance or help them read their medication(s) instructions. A friendly smile and kind voice can go a long way with your customers.

2. Listening

In this position, you’ll also have to listen carefully to your customers’ needs and questions. Listening carefully helps pharmacy technicians understand if the customers need further direction with taking their medication or if they need to talk to the pharmacist. You’ll also need to listen and communicate clearly and effectively with pharmacists and doctors about prescription orders.

3. Attention to detail

Pharmacy technicians must be detail-oriented people. They must be extremely careful when filling prescription orders because health problems can occur if they give a customer the wrong medicine or dosage. Although the pharmacist is responsible for all of the medications dispensed, pharmacy technicians need to pay attention to orders so there are no problems that arise with customers’ medication.

4. Math skills

Since you’ll be distributing medication to customers, you’ll have to make sure the right amount goes into each bottle or package. Pharmacy technicians need to be careful and understand the mathematical problem solving that is used for counting pills and computing medications. If you don’t calculate the right amount, a customer may take too much of one dose or become confused. You don’t want to cause health problems for your customers.

5. Well-organized

Just like many jobs, organization is a key skill to have for this career path. Pharmacy technicians need to balance several tasks throughout the day. In addition to providing service to customers, they will have to organize inventory, alert pharmacists to medication shortages, maintain electronic records, and restock supplies. It’s important to keep medications properly labeled and in the right location so they’re easy to find. Similarly, you’ll want to maintain an alphabetical system for the surnames of customers so when they arrive to pick up their prescription, you may find it more easily.

If you think you have the ability to develop these crucial skills in a training program, consider applying to the Harris School today. Our program is designed to help give you the interpersonal skills and technical skills to work with customers, physicians, and medications. We hope you consider becoming a part of the Harris School community!


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