Prominent Neurosurgeon Visits Surgical Technology Class

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Have you ever met a brain surgeon? This spring, students in the Surgical Technology program at Harris School of Business welcomed a distinguished visitor. Dr. Alan R. Turtz, MD, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at Cooper University Health Care, delivered a guest presentation at the Voorhees campus to help students get a clearer picture of what goes on in the operating room.

Dr. Turtz’s presentation was on craniotomies for hematomas or tumors, and it  included opportunities for students to work on a model cranium. Dr. Turtz is the Director of the Pituitary Tumor and Neuroendocrine Program at Cooper. His special areas of interest are brain tumors, pituitary and intraventricular tumors, and spine surgery.

Harris School of Business  is proud to be able to offer presentations by practitioners in the field of healthcare. Students who are enrolled in healthcare-related career training—such as the medical assistant program, dental assistant training, and surgical technology training—can expand their learning by attending these guest lectures.

Dot Watson, the program manager for the Surgical Technology program at the Voorhees campus, was happy to see the students so engaged in the presentation. Experiences like these can create memories that last a lifetime.

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