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The Professional Medical Assistant Program at the Harris School

Becoming a Professional Medical Assistant could be the career change you’ve been looking for. Medical assistants are an important part of today’s healthcare system. If you are looking for medical assistant schools near you, the Harris School could be your answer. We offer a training program that will prepare you with the clinical skills you need to launch your new career path.

Why do people like medical assisting? Many people choose this field because they want the opportunity to work in a professional healthcare environment. They find it fulfilling to work in a busy medical practice seeing many patients throughout the day. Others find it gratifying simply to know that they are in a field that is helping others. If this work environment sounds good to you, becoming a professional medical assistant may be a good choice.

What Professional Medical Assistants Do

Professional Medical Assistants keep a busy schedule. Whether it’s setting up an exam room or assisting a physician with an in-office procedure, there’s always something happening. Here are some of the duties that are often part of the job:

  • Prep the exam rooms for the next patient
  • Call patient back to exam area
  • Record patient history
  • Measure blood pressure, weight, and temperature
  • Assist the physician during the exam as needed
  • Assist with wound care or removing stitches
  • Keep medical instruments sterilized
  • Help process lab specimens
  • Administer an EKG
  • Call the pharmacy
  • Assist with office tasks
  • Make patient appointments

Consider a career as a Professional Medical Assistant

Learn about what you will do on the job, employment outlook, and salary trends.

Sample Professional Medical Assistant Courses

Find out what kind of classes you will need to take to become a Professional Medical Assistant.

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