Professional Medical Assistant Programs Get Students Ready for New Careers

Medical Assistant schools, medical assistant programsThe healthcare system relies on professional medical assistants for a number of important tasks

Becoming a professional medical assistant can be a rewarding career path. Medical assistants are responsible for many of the tasks that keep medical offices and hospitals running smoothly.

Medical assistants are an important link between the patient and the physician. It is often the medical assistant who sees the patient first. The medical assistant shows patients to the exam room, measures and records vital signs, and updates the patient’s chart. It is also important for medical assistants to develop good communications skills with patients, nurses, and physicians.

At the Harris School of Business, the Professional Medical Assistant program helps students attain the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a professional medical assistant. From classroom lessons on medical terminology and human anatomy to hands-on practice in administering EKG’s or performing a phlebotomy, the program prepares students with what they need to know on the job.

What’s more, Harris School of Business places its medical assistant students in externships before graduation. An externship is similar to a job, in that students are expected to perform the actual job skills in a clinical setting, but they do so under supervision. This on-the-job experience gives students a safe, supervised setting to practice their new job skills and gain confidence. When the students graduate, they have real experience to include on their resumes when they enter the job market.

If you are looking at medical assistant schools in the Delaware Valley, you may want to consider the Harris School of Business. The Harris School offers the Professional Medical Assistant program at all seven of its campuses, located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

No experience is necessary. Visit our programs page to learn more about the Professional Medical Assistant program and other career-focused programs. Or call 1.800.510.7920. An admissions representative will be happy to answer your questions. With Harris’s rolling admissions process, you could be starting classes in just a few weeks. Your new career path could be one phone call away!