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Placement Services

At the Harris School, your success is a measure of our success. We want you to succeed in your new career path, and our Career Services department is here to help.

We offer a number of career-related services, such as:

  • Job search support
  • Resume and cover letter advice and assistance
  • Interview techniques and mock interview
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Developing strong communications skills

Our staff is also here to help you refine your job search so that you are looking for jobs that are right for you. We want you to step into a gratifying career path that gets you started on the right foot.

Learn more about our career placement services.

The externship: getting real-world experience

In the Professional Medical Assistant Plus Program, students participate in an externship¹, where they are placed in a real work setting to gain valuable on-the-job training before stepping into the job market. The externship is great for your resume and your professional confidence. And bringing real on-the-job experience to your first job will make a big difference!

¹Students at the New Jersey campuses will participate in internships.