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The Professional Medical Assistant Plus Program at The Harris School

If you are looking for a new start, why not consider becoming a Professional Medical Assistant? The Professional Medical Assistant Plus program at the Harris School can provide you with the marketable skills you need to get started on this career path.

Medical assistants play a critical role in the healthcare system. They provide everyday assistance in medical offices and hospitals. They work with both patients and doctors, helping to make the patient experience go more smoothly. Knowing that you are helping others is one of the great benefits of this career. Becoming a medical assistant is a move that will make you proud.

What makes the Professional Medical Assistant Plus Program special

The Professional Medical Assistant Plus program is offered at our campuses in Dover, DE and Danbury, CT. This program is similar to our standard Professional Medical Assistant program, but it also includes specialized Electronic Health Records (EHR) training. Read more about the added value that you will get from enrolling in this program.

What Do Professional Medical Assistants Do?

A day in the life of a professional medical assistant will keep you busy. You are trained to provide a variety of patient procedures, and every day will be different as you tend to patients, assist physicians, and keep track of records. Below are some responsibilities you may have on the job.

  • Greet patients and show them to their exam rooms
  • Take patient medical histories
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Get patients ready to see the physician
  • Provide assistance as needed during the exam
  • Change wound dressings
  • Take out sutures (stitches)
  • Take blood samples
  • Administer an EKG
  • Ensure that instruments are sterilized
  • Process specimens for lab pickup
  • Call pharmacies
  • Submit insurance claims for reimbursement (Plus program only)
  • Schedule appointments

Careers for Professional Medical Assistant with Electronic Health Records training

Find out what it’s like on the job. Check out the job outlook and predicted salary trends.

Sample Professional Medical Assistant Plus Courses

Learn more about the courses we offer at the Harris School for students enrolled in our Professional Medical Assistant Plus program.

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