Pinning Ceremony Marks the Completion of Medical Assistant Classes

Harris School of Business pinning ceremony medical assistant training programFriends and family are invited to witness this meaningful milestone

Cherry Hill, NJ: There is excitement in the air as students and family members file into rows of chairs in a room decorated with streamers and balloons. Today marks an important achievement in the lives of students who have been hard at work. It is the day of the Pinning Ceremony at the Harris School of Business!

What is the Pinning Ceremony? It is a mini-graduation, a milestone marker, and a goodbye party all rolled into one. It marks the completion of all of the in-class courses needed to fulfill the Medical Assisting training program at the Harris School.

Over the past year of intense training, our students have gotten to know each other and developed new friendships. By the time they are seniors, it is no surprise that they have formed emotional bonds—especially when you go through the types of learning that we do at the Harris school!

Hands-on medical assistant training

In a regular classroom, you might just sit next to someone and take notes. But at the Harris School, our classes are hands-on. Medical assistant students get close and personal when they practice their new clinical skills…because they practice them directly on each other!

It starts with something simple, like taking someone’s temperature or measuring their weight. But it gets intense once we start doing the higher-level skills, such as administering EKGs, learning how to draw blood, and practicing first aid on one another. We are always so proud of how our students step up to these challenges.

Each year, it is an emotional moment when we realize that a class of medical assistant students is finishing up. The pinning ceremony is a meaningful way to celebrate the completion of the coursework and to come together as a class one last time. This year the seniors wrote up a whiteboard full of advice for incoming students. As we gave each student their pin, we were so proud of everything they’ve accomplished since walking in the door on their first day.

Internships in New Jersey

After the pinning ceremony, students will be going their separate ways to complete internships at local medical facilities, where they will get to practice their new medical assisting skills. Internships last several months, and give the students true on-the-job experience that will be valuable when they search for their first job in their new field.

Internship experience can benefit you in many ways. Check out the reasons why internships help get you ready for the job. With an internship, you can:

  • Build confidence in your field
  • Get real-world practice in performing medical assistant skills
  • Get a sense of the type of job you might want to search for
  • Find connections with people already working in the field
  • Get practice in what it’s like to hold a job in this field
  • Get recommendations from your internship supervisor

After successfully completing their internships, students officially graduate from the Harris School in a ceremony held at a later date. For this reason, there is no need for final goodbyes yet. We can’t wait to see you all again at graduation! Until then, good luck on your internships…We know you will make us proud!