Pinning Ceremonies Recognize the Completion of Career Training Courses

surgical technology school pinning ceremonyStudents celebrate their hard work before beginning their externships

As a student at the Harris School of Business—whether you are in our medical assistant training program, health claims specialist program, or any of our allied health or business programs—you will typically have two parts to your training: your coursework and your externship.

Career training courses and lab work

The first part of your training is the work that takes place in the classrooms and the lab. This is where the learning begins. Instructors take you through the basics of your new career field, and slowly begin to introduce you to the skills and knowledge you will need. You will get time to practice your skills in a lab setting, and you will receive homework, quizzes, and tests to help you learn your new field.

Completing this part of your training successfully marks a big milestone in your education! This means you have passed your courses and gained the skills you need for working in your new field. To celebrate this achievement, the Harris School holds pinning ceremonies where you are recognized for your studies and hard work.

The Voorhees, NJ campus recently held a pinning ceremony for the students in its Surgical Tech training program and its Dental Assistant training program. Congratulations to these students for all their dedication to learning!

Career training externships and internships

The second part of your training is the internship or externship. This is your chance to gain real job experience in a supervised setting. The internships and externships are unpaid, but they give you a valuable experience in a real-world setting, where you get to put your new job skills to use.

At most campuses, you will work with an externship coordinator in order to research and apply for possible externships that will be a good fit for you. Once placed, you are expected to treat your placement as seriously as you would a real job. Once completed, you can even use this job experience on your resume.

During this time period, you will also want to visit the Career Services department in order to get help in starting your job search. The resources available in Career Services can help you build confidence in your networking skills, develop strong interview skills, and improve your resume writing.

Once you have successfully completed your internship or externship, you are ready for graduation. The Harris School holds graduation ceremonies several times a year to recognize all the students who have successfully completed their programs at Harris.

The Harris School wishes to congratulate all students as they reach their pinning ceremonies and their graduation ceremonies! Keep up the great work!