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Placement Services

Career Development Training & Placement Support

At the Harris School of Business, we do more than career training. Our Career Services department will help get you ready to enter the world of work. Our advisors assist students with:

  • Conducting a job search that gets results
  • Writing a strong resume that emphasizes your best qualities
  • Developing confident interview techniques
  • Improving your communication skills

Knowing how to look for a job is one thing, and knowing where to look is another. Our Career Services staff members can help you find the right kinds of positions that match your training and your career interests. Through our network of regional employers, our advisors may be able to find job leads that you might not ordinarily find.

In short, our Career Services department is here to help you begin your career. Learn more about career placement services at Harris School.

Real-World Experience for your Resume

The Phlebotomy Technician program provides teaching and instruction in the classroom and in a lab setting. During the clinical time in the lab, you will get a chance to apply the skills and techniques that you have learned from your instructors.

Some of the real-world skills that you will learn will include

  • learning clinical laboratory procedures and protocol
  • infection control and sterile conditions
  • proper techniques for drawing patients’ blood
  • processing patient specimens
  • updating patients’ records

This kind of hands-on experience in a laboratory setting is valuable training that strengthens your resume and helps prepare you for the world of work as you set out to begin this exciting new career.

Phlebotomy and Certification

For students who successfully complete the Phlebotomy Technician program, the Harris School encourages you to take the Certified Phlebotomist Technician (CPT) certification exam. Offered by the National Healthcareer Association, this exam tests your knowledge and abilities as a phlebotomist.

The CPT certification, like other National Healthcareer Association certifications,  is recognized country-wide. Being certified helps show potential employers that you are serious about your new career. Certification can lead to more job opportunities, a higher rate of pay, and a deeper satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment as you begin your career.

At the Danbury campus, CPT testing is available for an additional fee. Taking the CPT test at Danbury is a privilege that is open to phlebotomy students who (1) attend all of their classes, (2) are able to achieve at least a 75% GPA on all tests, and (3) are in good standing with the school. The cost of the exam is not covered by your tuition. The cost of the exam is the responsibility of the student.

For more information about the CPT certification, visit the National Healthcareer Association’s  website.