Philadelphia Area Campus Offers More than Meets the Eye

Medical Assistant Programs, Dental Assistant ProgramsWith medical and dental assistant programs near Philly, the Upper Darby campus provides extras, such as medical assistant clubs, certification review classes, and Saturday activities

Going to school at the Harris School of Business is more than just taking classes. At the Upper Darby campus, located just outside of Philadelphia ,the campus is always buzzing with extra activities.

“In addition to providing a strong curriculum, we like to be sure the students are given additional opportunities to succeed,” explains Crystal Williams (pictured above), campus registrar at Upper Darby. Ms. Williams has been at the Upper Darby location for over 9 years, and has seen the development of many new initiatives that support the students in the medical assistant and dental assistant programs.

Some of the extra initiatives at Upper Darby include:

Medical Assistant Days. On these days, fellow students and other guests are invited to get their vital signs taken by students in the medical assistant program. This is great practice for the medical assistant students, as well as a public health service.

Phlebotomy Club. In this club, medical assistant students get extra practice working on blood draws.

Certification Reviews. On Saturdays, the school holds extra review sessions to help students prepare to take certification exams.

Radiology Review. For dental assistant students interested in preparing for the certification exam in dental radiology, review classes are held on Saturdays.

Externship “boot camps.” As students are finishing up classes and getting ready for their externships, these “boot camp” classes help students know what to expect.

Social Activities. The school sometimes holds smoothie fundraisers and other social activities to help students raise money for a good cause or simply get to know each other better.

If you are looking for medical assistant programs in the Philadelphia area, or dental assistant training near Philly, then the Harris School of Business could be a good option for you. Just fill out our simple online form, or call 1-800-510-7920 for more information.