New Teamwork Initiative Features Guest Speakers and Incentives

job training in trentonStudents Get More than Just Job Training in Trenton

“Team Work Makes the Dream Work” is the name of the teamwork initiative recently launched at the Harris School of Business’s Hamilton/Trenton campus. The month of April was devoted to team work activities that helped to build student morale and emphasize the importance of thinking and acting like a team member.

This is why getting job training in Trenton is more than just learning new job skills. In addition to learning important workplace skills, students at Harris learn about professionalism in the workplace, and why it is important to realize that they are part of a team. “In the workplace, you can’t think just about yourself. You have to understand that your actions have an impact on others. Your work and your attitude have a direct effect on your co-workers, patients, clients, customers, and your employer,” explains Debi Kenney, director of education at the Hamilton/Trenton campus.

To share this message with students, the education department held an in-service for all students on April 17. The event featured three guest speakers. Jason Rogers was the keynote speaker. Rogers is part of a program in Trenton called Fathers and Men United for a Better Trenton. He spoke about his background, including his past crimes, and how he eventually overcame obstacles to find success in his community. His organization holds community events, like the annual back-to-school family cookout, that help to give guidance to young people in Trenton who face issues such as gangs, violence, and substance abuse. Rogers is an advocate for students and communities trying to overcome struggles and educate themselves into new career choices.

The guest speakers also included two Harris graduates who are now beginning their careers. Charmaine Worrell and Damion Stevens spoke about their experiences at Harris, and how their training helped to prepare them for the workplace. All three speakers generated a large number of questions from the student body and provided new insight and encouragement. Each speaker was awarded with a plaque at the end of the afternoon.

The month of April also included lots of morale-boosting activities, such as raffles, give-aways, free soft pretzels, and other activities.

Job Training in Trenton Focuses on Teamwork

What are some of the ways that teamwork plays a role in the workplace? Some examples of thinking like a team member might be:

  • Getting to work on time, or better yet a little bit early, so that you are ready to get started when you are needed
  • Treating all customers, patients, and co-workers with respect, so that you represent your employer well
  • Completing your tasks efficiently and properly, so that no one else has to pick up your slack
  • Going the extra mile to help a co-worker who might be swamped with too much work
  • Asking what more needs to be done, if you have already completed your responsibilities
  • Acting and dressing professionally to show that you take your job seriously
  • Watching and learning from more experienced co-workers so that you can gain experience and perform better on the job
  • Keeping up a positive attitude to help boost the morale of those around you

These are just a few examples of ways that you can help to have a positive influence on others at your workplace. The Harris School aims to help develop students who are highly skilled in their career responsibilities, as well as being well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the professionalism of the workplace.

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