Mobile Apps for Medical Assistants

mobile apps for medical assistantsPractice exams, medical abbreviations, terminology… all at your fingertips!

Mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices are revolutionizing the sharing of information. One of the many industries that can benefit from the ease of communication is the field of healthcare. This article provides information and advice about mobile apps that can help professional medical assistants prepare for exams and improve their knowledge of their field.

The apps are available for free or for a small price, and can help you better understand medical terminology, medical billing and coding language, insurance processes, and common clinical skills. Apps are especially handy, because you can study anytime you want, whether you are standing in line, waiting for an appointment, studying at a library, or just sitting on a sofa at home.

CMA Test Prep by iMobiApp
iPhone, iPad

With this app, you can take sample tests in order to prepare for your exams. The app gives you the option of focusing more heavily on improving your weakest areas. This helps you to avoid wasting time on the areas you already know, while boosting your understanding of more difficult topics. It has over 2,000 sample test questions with explanations. You can view your exam history to see how you are improving. The data is stored on your device, so you do not need a data connection while using it.

Medical Assistant by Ion Citadel
iPhone, iPad, iPod

This app is designed to help students prepare for the CMA, CMAS, and RMA exams. It features over 1000 exam cards, and covers topics such as anatomy, lab work, medical terminology, ethics, nutrition, patient communication, and office administration.

McGraw Hill Medical Assisting Review
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

This app helps medical assistant students with test preparation. There are two practice exams, which are based on McGraw Hill’s publication Medical Assistant Review: Passing the CMA, RMA, and CCMA Exams, by Jahangir Moini.

CMA Test Prep by Med Preps LLC
iPhone, iPad

With a database of over 2,000 multiple choice practice questions, this app can help you prepare for your exams. To begin, you download the app for free, but then need to upgrade to the PRO version to have access to the questions. The PRO version includes anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, patient preparation, clinical and medical knowledge, specimen collection, and more.

RMA Medical Assistant Terms by Little Apps 
Android compatible

This app is compatible with Android devices. It features over 950 questions, medical assistant flash cards, and a dictionary for medical terminology.

Speed Anatomy Quiz by Benoit Essiambre 
Android compatible

This educational app turns learning anatomy into a game. For both iPhones and Androids, the app challenges you to learn the anatomy of the human body in a fun, fast, and entertaining way. It contains over 300 labeled parts, and 28 levels of study. You can earn points as you make your way through the game.

If you are studying to be a medical assisting, we hope this article helps you find an app that works for you. This article is not meant to promote or endorse any of the apps listed above. We simply want you to be aware of some of the tools that are available to help you pursue your career as a professional medical assistant.


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