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Health Claims Specialist Plus (Medical Billing and Coding)

Do you want to pursue a career in the business side of health care? As a health claims specialist, you will work in medical billing and coding, and prepare, submit, and process medical insurance claims.

In the Health Claims Specialist Plus program you will also take courses in medical billing and coding, medical office administration and more.

In addition to processing routine claims, a health claims specialist might also investigate pending claims and resolve medical billing discrepancies. Becoming a health claims specialist is a great way to work in a fast-growing, medically related field, especially if you prefer not to work directly with patients on a clinical level.

The Harris School health claims specialist program also prepares students for national certifications, a significant advantage for Harris School graduates as they enter the workplace. 

All in a Day's Work

As a health claims specialist, you will perform a variety of tasks, which could include some the following:

  • Code diseases, surgeries, medical procedures, and other therapies for billing and collection by using classification systems software
  • Submit new claims and audit existing insurance claims
  • Organize and analyze health insurance claim forms
  • Review bills and statements

Consider a career in Medical Billing and Coding

Learn about what you will do on the job, employment outlook, and salary trends.

Sample Harris School Health Claims Specialist Plus Courses

Read about the classes you will enroll in, what they cover, and how they prepare you for your new career.

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