Medical Billing Courses Provide Career-Focused Training for Students

medical billing and coding coursesThe Health Claims Specialist program trains students to become medical billers and medical coders in offices, hospitals, insurance companies, and more

You may have heard about a career in medical billing and coding, but what does it take to get trained for this career? If you enroll in a program, what courses will you have to take? There are many career schools and community colleges that help students prepare for a job in this field, and every school’s curriculum will be slightly different.

At the Harris School of Business, we offer the Health Claims Specialist program, which provides students with the basic knowledge and competencies necessary to prepare, submit, and process medical insurance claims in a range work settings in the healthcare and insurance industries. Such environments could include physicians’ offices, hospitals, extended care facilities, diagnostic centers, and insurance companies. Read more to find out about the curriculum we offer at Harris.

Medical Billing Courses at the Harris School

The curriculum for the Health Claims Specialist program at Harris is typically a 720-hour program, meeting for 30 weeks for day students, and 60 weeks if you are an evening student. Here is a selection of the medical billing courses offered at Harris:

Office Administration
This course prepares students to meet the challenges of the changing workplace and to solve typical problems that arise in the business office. Problem solving, decision-making, and handling conflict will enhance the student’s ability to handle multiple tasks and manage difficult situations in the workplace.

Computerized Billing Simulation
This course introduces and simulates situations using computerized software. Students learn to input patient information, schedule appointments, and handle billing. In addition, students learn to process insurance claims both on forms and electronically.

Medical Terminology & Anatomy I through IV
These four courses are specially designed for health claim specialist students to gain a thorough understanding of the human body and medical terminology.

Hospital Billing & Coding Forms
In this course, we help to simplify the often complicated coding logic and technique. This class provides an in-depth study and practical application of the processing of claims. Some of the topics we study include the CMS UB-04 form, the use of ICD-9-CM diagnostic coding and procedural coding, and CPT coding.

This course is designed to familiarize students with the health care insurance industry including insurance terminology and the factors associated with reimbursement. An overview of insurance plans—with a focus on managed care systems and eligibility and benefit structures—is also part of the course.

Medical Coding I through IV
These four courses emphasize how we transform verbal descriptions of diseases, injuries, and procedures into numeric designations (i.e., medical coding). To be fairly and adequately reimbursed in a timely fashion by third party payers, physicians and their reimbursement specialists must understand and correctly use these codes.

Health Claims Theory & Practical Applications
Students will learn about the insurance industry, different departments within insurance companies, and the responsibilities of claims processors. Students will learn about interpreting insurance contracts, how to calculate fee schedules, as well as how to process health claims.

Career Development
Students concentrate on various strategies that include job search, resume formats, necessary pre-employment letters, and interview techniques. Students develop effective communication skills to interact professionally with colleagues.

If these courses sound interesting to you, then you might want to consider getting trained as a health claims specialist. Call the Harris School today to find out more about this program and our other career-focused programs. You can reach us at 1.800.510.7920, or use our simple form, and we will contact you. It’s easy to get started!