Medical Assistants Know How to Help Patients in Need

medical assistant training programChamber of Commerce CEO endorses a Harris School of Business Student

Students from the Harris School of Business are making great impressions. At a recent event, the Camden County Chamber of Commerce CEO, Art Campbell, gave an endorsement to a Voorhees campus Harris School student currently interning at a local medical practice.

Campbell saw the student intern working with a patient who appeared to be very difficult. The intern’s words and actions soon helped the patient to relax and feel comfortable while she waited for the doctor. Campbell believes the Harris intern was responsible for giving the patient an extraordinary experience at the practice. He was impressed by how the intern was able to make a difficult patient feel calm and valued.

As was shown in this inspiring story, Professional Medical Assistants are essential to the daily functions of any medical office. Medical assistant tasks may range from clerical work to patient care. Clerical responsibilities might include office administration, paperwork, and scheduling patients. Clinical tasks can include taking medical histories, explaining procedures to patients, and assisting physicians during exams. Medical assistants may also gain specializations in areas like pediatrics or optometry. Optometric assistants, for example,  teach patients how to use contact lenses, assist during eye exams, and test patients’ eyes.

The Harris School Vorhees NJ campus is so proud that our intern was recognized at the recent Chamber of Commerce event. It is so gratifying to learn of Harris stduents who are finding success in their new career fields. If you are interested in careers where you help others, you may want to consider career training at the Harris School of Business. Medical assistants have the opportunity to help others and connect with patients from all walks of life, while developing their own personal career goals and bringing value to their communities.

Check out the Medical Assistant training program at the Harris School to see if the program is right for you!