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The Medical Assistant Program at The Harris School

Do you feel fulfilled when you are helping others? Are you interested in helping patients feel more comfortable and cared for when they visit their doctor or local medical clinic? Are you considering medical assistant schools?  Do you want the sense of fulfillment that comes from joining a professional health care team?

Become a medical assistant and you can help patients and doctors experience more productive and meaningful relationships.

As a medical assistant, you will serve as the primary link between patients and their doctors. You will play a key role in helping medical practices run smoothly. And you will have the option to work in a wide range of clinical settings.

And if you enjoy variety in your day-to-day responsibilities, becoming a medical assistant is the right choice for you.

What Medical Assistants Do

As a medical assistant, you will seldom have time to be bored. While the skills you need to bring to your job require a great deal of mastery, they are anything but routine. Here are some of the daily duties you might engage in:

  • Gather medical histories
  • Record vital signs
  • Explain procedures and reassure patients
  • Prepare patients to be examined
  • Assist the physician while the examination is taking place
  • Sterilize medical instruments
  • Collect and prepare lab specimens
  • Teach patients about special diets and medications
  • Prepare and administer medications
  • Authorize prescription refills
  • Draw blood and administer EKGs
  • Remove sutures
  • Change dressings

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