Medical Assistant Programs Support Breast Cancer Awareness

medical assistant programsStudents make donations, join a walk-a-thon, and wear special scrubs

The medical assistant programs at Harris School of Business are showing their support of Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. Whether it is wearing the special breast cancer awareness scrubs, sporting a pink ribbon, or making a donation, the students are demonstrating their interest and compassion in supporting people with this disease.

One of the events that the medical assistant programs are taking part in is the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. This 5K walk takes place in October in many locations throughout the country. A project of the American Cancer Society, the walk aims to raise money for areas such as groundbreaking research, comprehensive support to patients, and access to mammograms.

Community events such as walk-a-thons are one example of the ways that the Harris School of Business and its students get involved in helping others. In addition to the walk-a-thon, the students also organized other activities for breast cancer awareness month, including selling wristbands, pins, notepads, and calendars. One of the campuses had a dress-in-pink day where students were encouraged to wear pink to school.

Medical assistant programs make it a learning experience

Breast cancer awareness month is not just about raising money. It is also a learning experience for Harris students as they prepare for new careers in the field of healthcare. Students learn about early detection, mammograms, current treatments, and other aspects of care. Learning about breast cancer helps Harris students realize that the role of all healthcare providers—including medical assistants—is important in the treatment of patients with this disease.

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