Medical Assistant Programs Prepare Students with Skills and Knowledge

medical assistant programsKendra Hudson discusses how Harris prepared her for the world of work

Enrolling in medical assistant programs is one way to start a new career path that can lead to opportunities in the field of health care. Below is the story of Kendra Hudson, a graduate of the Harris School of Business. Of all the medical assistant programs she could have chosen, she chose Harris, and she explains how this choice led to her new career.

Kendra Hudson had job in a medical office, where she served as a clerk. Her main tasks were photocopying, answering phones, and filing charts in the filing room. However, she did not feel that this was a job that she would want to continue for her whole life. “I was not enjoying what I did every day, and I couldn’t see myself doing this job for many more years. But I knew I wanted to stay in the medical field,”  Kendra shares.

After seeing a commercial for the Harris School of Business, she contacted the Voorhees campus of Harris and inquired about medical assistant programs. She set up a tour, and knew right away that she was taking a step in the right direction. “As soon as I arrived on the Voorhees campus, I had a strong feeling that this was the career path for me,” Kendra remembers.

Medical Assistant Programs Provide Student Support

Once enrolled at Harris, Kendra felt very comfortable. She noted that the staff members and other students helped to create a friendly environment. “The teachers made all the difference,” says Kendra, “We had the chance to learn from their personal job experiences, and that really helped us to understand what they were teaching.” Kendra also felt a lot of moral support from the teachers, “The teachers were very encouraging, showing us that they had faith in what we could accomplish.”

And Kendra accomplished a great deal. She had perfect attendance while at Harris, and a 3.91 GPA. Toward the end of  her program, she was placed in an externship at Lab Corp as a phlebotomist, and shortly after that, Lab Corp offered her a full-time position! At the time of this article, Kendra was enjoying her new job, where she draws blood for routine blood work, such as drug testing, complete blood count tests, and basic metabolic panels.

What’s next for Kendra? “Harris School helped me to believe in myself and have the confidence to achieve anything that I put my mind to,” Kendra explains. “Eventually I hope to complete my business management degree and go to nursing school. Harris gave me the confidence to know that I can reach my goals.”