Massage Therapy Course at Harris Features Massage Clinic

massage therapy courseMassage Therapy Course at Harris Features Massage Clinic

Are you feeling stress from the day’s activities? Do you have aches and pains that need some relief? If so, you might want to schedule a massage at the Harris School of Business Massage Clinic in Wilmington, Delaware.

As part of a massage therapy course at the Harris School, students learn what it’s like to work in a massage clinic by serving clients from the public.  Through this internship experience, students gain hands-on practice in their new career field, while clients receive a massage at a discounted rate.

Who comes to the clinic? All members of the public are invited to schedule an appointment. The school offers chair and table massages, and the students enrolled in the massage therapy course are supervised by instructors to help ensure effective and safe massage techniques are being used.

Massage therapy course teaches a range of massage techniques.

At the Harris School of Business, students learn a wide range of massage techniques, from chair massage and Swedish massage to therapeutic massage and hot stone massage. If you find yourself in Wilmington, Delaware, give the massage clinic a call and set up an appointment. Here’s how to reach the clinic:

Harris School of Business Massage Clinic
1413 Foulk Road, Suite 100
Wilmington, DE 19803
Tel: 302-478-8890
Email: wilmingtonclinic@harrisschool.com

Both daytime and evening appointments are available at the following rates:

$20.00/ hour (Day)
$30.00/ hour (Evening)

Schedule an appointment today, and find out what the students in our massage therapy program have been learning!