Looking Your Best in Your Scrubs

dressing in scrubsHow to dress for work in a healthcare job

If you are training to be a medical assistant, dental assistant, surgical technologist, or other healthcare professional, you will probably be expected to wear scrubs to work. Just because scrubs are comfortable doesn’t mean you should look sloppy when you go to work. Here are some tips on looking your best on the job.

1. Keep your scrubs in good shape
Scrubs are not always the most flattering type of clothing. To make sure you look your best, try to find scrubs that fit you well. More importantly, make sure that they are clean at all times. If they are dirty, worn-out, or wrinkled, you will look unprofessional. Look at your scrubs every day and make sure they look okay. If you are allowed to wear scrubs with prints or patterns, make sure you choose professional-looking designs.

2. Your shoes matter too
Worn out shoes can make any outfit look messy. Keep your shoes in good condition, and replace them when they are getting worn out. Worn-out shoes not only look bad, but they may also be bad for your feet, legs, and back. Many healthcare professionals choose to invest in high quality sturdy shoes, since you will spend so much time on your feet. Some people like plastic or leather clogs that are designed to last a long time. Try to wear your work shoes only at work, and switch to other shoes when you leave work.

3. Clean your fingernails!
If you work in a healthcare position, patients will want to know that you are as clean as possible. Dirty fingernails can be very off-putting to look at, and worse yet, they can harbor bacteria. It is best to wear your fingernails short, since short fingernails are easier to keep clean. If you choose to wear them long, take extra care to be sure they are always clean.

4. No bed head
A person’s hairstyle is one of their most noticeable features. If you come to work with greasy hair or a sloppy hairstyle, this will communicate that you are not serious about your job. If you have long hair, it is a good idea to tie it back, to help prevent hairs from falling out in patient areas.

5. Watch out for long jewelry
In most healthcare jobs, it is okay to wear jewelry to work, but try to avoid jewelry that is overly large. Big earrings, long necklaces, and large rings can get in the way of doing your job well. It’s best to keep it simple.

6. Not everyone loves your perfume as much as you do
When wearing cologne or perfume, remember to keep it very light. Some patients may be allergic or sensitive to the scent you are wearing. Some healthcare facilities may ask you not to wear any scents at all. It depends on where you work, but it’s best to play it safe and keep your perfume to a minimum.

Extra Tip!  
As you know, doctors’ offices and hospitals are filled with infectious viruses and bacteria. To help minimize infection, it’s best if you can keep your work clothes completely separate from your street clothes. If there is a place to change at work, it’s a good idea to change into your scrubs at work, and then change back into your street clothes when you go home.

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