Looking for a Medical Billing and Coding School in New Jersey?

medical billing and coding school3 Reasons to Attend the Harris School of Business

If you are looking for a medical billing and coding school in New Jersey, you might want to consider the Harris School of Business. With a friendly small-school feel, and a program that can be completed in less than one year, the Harris School offers students the training they need to get started in this career field.

Trying to find somewhere that is close to your home is important. You will want a conveniently-located campus so that it is easy to get to your classes. The Harris School is proud to serve both South Jersey and Central/North Jersey with four campuses located throughout the state.

Our campuses are in Linwood, Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and Hamilton/Trenton. We offer the Health Claims Specialist program at all of these campuses—a program designed to prepare you for a career as a medical biller or coder.

3 Reasons to Choose a Harris Education

1. Small-School Feel. All Harris campuses hold their classes in small facilities where classes are all “under one roof.” Unlike community colleges where you might have to move from building to building and sit in large lecture halls where you feel like “just a number,” the Harris School offers small-class instruction. As a result, you will have the opportunity to get to know your classmates and your instructors. From your classroom instructor, to the program manager, to the Career Services representatives who help you develop your career, Harris strives to provide individualized attention to all students. Many have said that the community at Harris can feel like a family.

2. Hands-On Learning. Are you the kind of person who learns best by doing something? For many people, textbook learning or online learning isn’t enough. Reading need to be supplemented with hands-on learning where the students can actually experience the task they are learning. At the Harris School, students have the opportunity for hands-on practice. In the Health Claims Specialist program, students learn medical billing and coding by working with special software programs that simulate how to process insurance claims on the job. In addition, as classwork is coming to an end, all students are placed in an externship in a real medical facility. The externship is an unpaid position where the students experience on-the-job learning under the supervision of a professional in the field.

3. Accreditation. It is important to find a school that is accredited. Being accredited means that the school has passed certain standards required by a third-party accrediting agency. The Harris School of Business’s New Jersey campuses are accredited through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Knowing that your school has passed the Accrediting Council’s standards helps give potential employers the reassurance that your education was appropriate for the job.

Your search for the right medical billing and coding school in New Jersey could end with Harris

If the three reasons listed above sound like good reasons to you, then the Harris School of Business could be the right school for you. Our Health Claims Specialist program prepares students for the world of work with the following courses:

Office Administration: How to handle multiple tasks in an office environment

Computerized Billing Simulation: Learning how to navigate software programs so that insurance claims can be filed electronically

Medical Terminology and Anatomy: Understanding the human body and the common medical terminology that is used in the field

Hospital Billing and Coding Forms: How to understand diagnostic coding and procedural coding in the processing of claims

Insurance: Learning insurance terminology and the factors involved with reimbursement

Medical Coding: How to use medical coding for diseases, injuries, and medical procedures, and how it is used in the reimbursement of health care providers

Health Claims Theory and Practical Applications: Learning about the responsibilities of claims processors

Career Development: Getting ready for the world of work through resume development, mock interviews, and professional etiquette

If you are interested, but not sure where to begin, don’t worry. It is easy to get started at Harris. Simply call our toll-free number at 1.800.510.7920, or fill out our online form.  We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our career-focused training programs.