Interested in Pursuing Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical Billing Training, Medical Billing coursesIf you’re interested in working in the medical field, but aren’t sure you want direct interaction with patients on a regular basis, then a career in medical billing and coding may be a great choice for you.

There may be days when you’re asked to work with patients or coordinate between them and their insurance companies to clarify or explain the billing for their procedures, but in general, your work would be in an office of a hospital, a private medical practice or even of an insurance company.

A Few of the Tasks Assigned to Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

Transcribing: Transcribing is the act of transferring notes from an unorganized, often shorthand form into a systematic record in a patient’s file. When working in a medical environment as a health claims specialist, you’ll have to possess the ability to take doctor’s and nurse’s notes (often abbreviated) from various locations – like the margins of patients’ charts and on audio recording devices – and organize them into a streamlined system.

Keeping Electronic Records: Most facilities today are equipped with EMRs (electronic medical records) and the ability to keep track of patient information in a paperless form. However, someone has to be responsible for ensuring that any written notes, prescriptions, files or charts are properly added to this EMR system. As a medical billing and coding specialist, this would very likely be part of your job description. Along with understanding the system itself, you’d need to be familiar with the privacy laws that protect patients’ information – whether it is in paper or electronic form.

Coding: Well, if you didn’t guess by the title of the career field, coding itself is one of the major tasks involved in pursuing this type of work. Government and insurance companies have established systems for labeling certain types of medical service, treatment and procedures. These labels are assigned through a coding process that identifies what each treatment is for and how it is to be billed. Coding is an important aspect of building an accurate patient file and it is the detailed work assigned to health claims specialists.

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