Instructors in Computer AccountingTechnology and Medical Assistant Program Nominated for Awards

Instructors in the Medical Assistant and Computer Accounting Technology Programs go the extra mile for their students

Have you ever had a teacher who made a huge difference in your life? The Hamilton campus is proud of all of its teachers, and especially proud to nominate two educators for two special awards.

Tiffany Daniels, Instructor in the Medical Assistant Program, has been nominated for Most Innovative Best Practice/New Program Award.

David Sorin, Instructor in the Computerized Accounting Technology program, has been nominated for Educator of the Year Award.

The awards program is offered by the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU). Here is what some students and colleagues have to say about their instructors:

Tiffany Daniels

  • Ms. Daniels provides a consistent solid learning environment. She has high expectations for her students and a firm classroom management style. She is innovative in her approach to teaching, employing reports and research topics, games and activities, and real life experiences to enhance the learning experience. -Debi Kinney, Director of Education, Hamilton campus
  • Miss Tiffany is efficient, thorough, and precise. She has not only set us up with the learning material that we need to know, but she has also focused on how to learn, work as a group, and be successful in our careers. She is a true role model. All of my teachers here have been great, but Miss Tiffany stands out from a great crowd by being the exceptional person she is. -Danielle Wallace, student
  • Miss Tiffany is very organized in the way she teaches us and breaks everything down into easily understandable parts. When I transferred from another campus, I was afraid that I would fall behind, but she was patient, showed me what to do to catch up, and offered to stay with me and tutor me to get me where I needed to be. -Ashley Villari, student
  • Miss Tiffany uses real life examples and makes us master all of the skills we need to learn to be successful. She is excellent at explaining things without making us new students feel overwhelmed. She is always upbeat and fun to be around. -Karen Namos, student

Medical Assistant ProgramsDavid Sorin

  • Mr. Sorin is positive in his demeanor, has proven to be innovative in his methodology and integrative in his approach, always making an effort to integrate real world employers and examples in his class. -Debi Kinney, Director of Education, Hamilton campus
  • With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of business concepts, Mr. Sorin is an asset to any organization. -Kisha McKinley, NCPT, NCMA, Instructor
  • I never met someone willing to help as much as he does, with no questions asked. -Akyrra Davenport
  • I have found Mr. Sorin to always be upbeat and pleasant in personality and a mentor to his students. – Scott Balyer
  • I think that he is the best. He is very devoted to his students , and he takes his time with us. He helps us think about our career goals and how to reach them. He goes above and beyond, in whatever he is doing. -Pamela Reeves, student
  • Mr. Sorin knows how to reach out to students. He can get us not only to learn, but to understand why we are learning certain subjects in his classroom, as well as where and why you would use the information. – Nikita McFarland, student
  • I am very grateful to have a good teacher who makes me feel so confident and is so supportive when I don’t understand something. – Terrell Moses

The Hamilton campus wants to wish these two educators the best in this award competition!