Improve Your Time Management Skills: For Students

time management skills students study tips scheduleTime management tips that help you stay productive!

Is time on your side? If you’re constantly feeling rushed and unprepared for class or exams, then perhaps it’s time to improve your time management skills.

As students, you’re probably busy managing time for your homework and studying on top of your social life, family responsibilities and other work duties.

Take some time to slow down. Maybe you can plan out your day and start by making a checklist of chores. Whether you’re a student or a new healthcare professional, time management is always a skill most people could perfect. If you need help thinking of ways to manage your time better, The Harris School of Business proudly offers you tips so you can plan your day accordingly.

Tip #1: Make a schedule

You can improve your time management skills by making a schedule. Start your day by writing down a list of chores. You may want to use a planner or calendar to make sure you remember all your duties for the day. You can schedule out blocks of time for each chore. If you want to be reminded, schedule alerts on your smartphone so you can know when it’s time to start each new assignment or chore. If you plan on studying, you can schedule out one block of time or break your study sessions up into smaller periods.  You may also want to use color-coded post-it notes so you can remind yourself of specific plans or tasks throughout the day.

Tip #2: Rid yourself of distractions

Distractions seem to be around every corner. Whether it’s your smartphone, the TV, or that new Beyonce song playing on the radio, it’s easy to get caught up in fun or relaxing activities when you should be studying. Worse of all, distractions can lead to procrastination. It’s hard to be strict with yourself when your attention is distracted with music videos. But you’ll only succeed at school, if you can focus on your studies.

Here is a list of ways to avoid distractions:

  • Write emails in the morning, check them at midday
  • Remove clutter from your study area
  • Finish short projects quickly
  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Disable your social media accounts during school or work hours

Tip #3: Complete important tasks first

While you plan out your schedule, make sure you list the most important tasks first. If you set out time to get them done then before other smaller tasks, you could reap the benefits of more relaxation time towards the end of the day. When you focus first on projects with close deadlines, then you can put more energy into finishing them sooner. If you need more time to understand a concept from your class notes, then make sure you schedule out more time to concentrate on that subject. Even if you need a break to complete shorter tasks in between study sessions, starting off with important school projects can help set you in a studious mood throughout the day.

Tip #4: Study during your spare time

If you commute to school, a good way to past the time is to take out your notebook and other coursework and study away. If you have spare time during your day, whip out your notes and take advantage of the free time. Carry your notes with you at all times, so that if you have any spare time you can use it to study or focus on schoolwork. It will feel great to stay productive. Plus, when you study in different places your mind starts to form associations with your course material which makes for improved memory. During your exam, you may thank yourself for putting your free time to good use.

Tip #5: Avoid the sofa and bed

Everyone enjoys sitting on the couch after a long day. If you’re going to be productive, avoid sitting on the couch or in bed while working. Stick to a steadfast rule where you can only sit on the couch or lie in bed after you’ve completed your tasks for the evening. Instead, try to sit in a chair at a desk or table while you study. You’ll stay alert and your concentration has a better chance of improving.

Take advantage of these time management tips and make the most out of your day! Scheduling time for your studies and daily tasks can help you become a more responsible and accomplished individual. You may even feel more secure knowing you’ve completed your most important tasks at the beginning of the day. If you follow these tips, you could even see the benefits of deeper relaxation during your free time. Perhaps, you’ll even have a more convenient scheudle or time to spend with loved ones.


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