How to Find a Massage Therapy School

Massage therapy schoolFinding an accredited school in your area is an important first step

Have you ever wondered how to become a massage therapist? Many people begin by looking for a massage therapy school where they can learn about the various types of massage, from chair massages and deep tissue massage to Swedish massage and hot stone massage.

If this sounds like an interesting career to you, you first may want to look for an accredited school. Schools that have accreditation have measured up to the standards of an independent accrediting board. Finding an accredited school helps to ensure that the training and education you will receive has been reviewed by an outside organization.

Second, you want to be sure that massage therapy school will fit into your schedule. Is the school close to your home? Does it offer evening classes if you need them? Or daytime classes, if daytime suits your schedule better? If you have children, do you have childcare arrangements for when you will be taking classes? All of these are important considerations.

And third, you may want to visit the school. By taking a tour, you will get a feel for the school. Be sure to bring a list of questions with you. During your tour, ask about the instructors, tuition, length of program, and how many students find jobs after graduation. All of these factors will help you in your decision.

Finding the massage therapy school that is right for you

Once you have done all your research, it’s time to decide what is the best fit for you. At the Harris School of Business, we offer a massage therapy program that many of our students have reported is a good fit for them for the following reasons:

  • Convenient location and hours
  • Small class sizes and individualized instruction
  • Hands-on practice with a variety of massage techniques
  • Instructors with experience in the field
  • Network of connections to possible job opportunities
  • Accredited school

It is a dynamic time to be in the field of massage therapy, as more and more spas are opening. If you choose this field, we hope that you consider the Harris School of Business.