How to Find a Massage Therapy Program

massage therapy programIf you are looking to begin a career as a massage therapist, here are some tips to help you get started

Have you noticed massage spas opening up at shopping centers near you? Do you have friends who have received massages? Have you ever considered becoming a massage therapist? This can be a rewarding field if you like to help people improve their overall health and wellness.

What is the job outlook for this field? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of massage therapists is expected to grow by as much as 20 percent by the year 2020. This is a faster rate of growth than the average of all other occupations.

If this sounds like an interesting career choice for you, where do you begin? How do you know how to find a massage therapy program? Like with any major step in your life, you will want to be sure you are making the best choice for your own personal circumstances. Starting a new career path is an important change in your life, and you will want to be sure to do your research.

Tips on How to Find a Massage Therapy Program

Internet search: The Internet is a very useful resource for finding career training options near you. Simply use your favorite browser and type in “massage therapy schools.” You might also want to include the city nearest you or the name of your state, so that the search engine finds programs that are close to your home.

Finding an accredited program: In addition to finding a school near you, you may also want to be sure that the school is accredited. Accreditation means that the school has passed the standards of a recognized accreditation body. One useful resource is the search tool provided by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). With this tool, you can enter the name of your state, and a list of accredited institutions will appear.

Word of Mouth: Even with all of today’s technology, sometimes old-fashioned word of mouth is the best way to learning about the offerings in your community. If you have friends who have attended career training schools, ask them if their school had a massage therapy program. Ask them if they know anyone who has completed a career training program. If you receive massages yourself, ask your therapist where he or she went to school.

If you live in the Delaware Valley and are wondering how to find a massage therapy program, the Harris School of Business may be a good choice for you. The Harris School of Business, an accredited school with seven locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, offers a program that includes a range of techniques, from deep tissue and hot stone to reflexology and Swedish massage.

If you are thinking about a career change, it might be a good time to learn more about the programs at the Harris School. No experience is necessary to get started. Contact us today, and you could be on your way to a new career field in just a few weeks’ time.