How to Find a Job Just Became Easier

how to find a jobCareer readiness expert Rick Sears speaks with students at the Harris School of Business

Mount Laurel, N.J. – Four hundred thousand resumes—that’s how many resumes are received every day at Career Masters International, a recruiting firm founded by career readiness expert Rick Sears. That’s a lot of resumes!

Fortunately for students at the Harris School of Business, the process of job-seeking has just become less daunting, thanks to a three-hour seminar presented by Sears on Tuesday. Sears talked to over 250 students about today’s best practices in job searching and career development. He shared advice from the recruiting industry, such as:

  • Focus on meeting the employers’ needs, not on why you want the job.
  • Emphasize your measurable achievements and how they will benefit the employer.
  • Make sure your experience and achievements directly fit the job opening.
  • Tailor every resume to the particular job opening, using the job ad’s keywords and terminology.
  • Think of yourself as a product, and use your resume as your marketing brochure.
  • Keep your online presence smart and professional at all times.
  • Never be ashamed of being unemployed. Ask for help and advice. People want to help you!
  • Become active in your field through professional associations and continuing education.
  • Always be searching; always be looking for opportunities!

Sears emphasized the importance of framing a job search around how the job-seeker can be of benefit to the employer.  “Look for ways that you can show them a return on their investment,” Sears said. He pointed out the importance of highlighting measureable achievements: “Employers today buy results.”

Students reacted positively to Sears’s message. “Before I came to the Harris School, I wasn’t writing my resumes in the right way,” says Cyndi Brewington, a student in the Multi-Skill Health Technician program at the Voorhees location. “At the Harris School, I have learned more about writing resumes and how to network. This seminar has provided useful information about marketing myself. I feel more prepared now.”

For any Harris students who missed the seminar, or for students who want to review the information again, you may feel free download Sears’s presentation at the Career Masters International presentations page.

The Harris School looks forward to continuing our work with all of our students to prepare them with the practical skills, career development tools, and professional attitudes they need to get started in their new career fields.