How to Create Calmer Mornings

calmer mornings, how to get out the door on timeFollow these suggestions so mornings don’t get the best of you

If you dread the sound of your alarm in the morning, then this post is for you. Many of us are not “morning people,” but taking a few steps can help you avoid getting up late. Why rush around and be stressed out before your day even begins, if you don’t have to?

Imagine a morning where you have time to get ready, to have a good breakfast, maybe even read some news before you head out the door. It’s possible to have a calm and relaxing start to the day. All it takes is a little planning. Take these suggestions to heart, and give yourself a chance to like your morning routine!

Before bed, look at what’s on your plate for tomorrow

Most of us have a calendar app that summarizes all of our appointments and deadlines. (This is a huge trick to getting organized.) Spend a few minutes in the evening reviewing what’s on your agenda for the next day:

  • You might need to send an email as a reminder to a coworker or fellow student.
  • Perhaps you need to write yourself a note to follow up about some detail of your day.
  • Set out any items you know you need to bring with you.
  • Look at what the weather will be, so you can plan what to wear (including footwear).

Giving this some thought in advance means you can spend your morning calmly, with the confidence that you’ve already thought ahead about what will come your way once you leave the house.

Get to bed earlier the night before

Night owls love nothing more than staying up late. It can be fun to feel like you’re the only one still awake, and maybe it’s a time when you feel like you finally get things done—or can just relax and enjoy yourself! But indulging this habit is a surefire way to sabotage your mornings. Even going to bed just half an hour earlier than you normally would can be enough to make a difference. Rather than feeling exhausted when your alarm goes off, imagine feeling rested because you squeezed in enough ZZZs. It’s well worth it, and it gets easier over time.

Make breakfast a priority

There’s a reason they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And supporting yourself with a healthy breakfast is a benefit of being organized. You’ll go into the day energized, with balanced blood sugar, ready to devote attention to whatever your work or classes require.

Follow these suggestions for a week, and see if you end up with calmer, more relaxing mornings. Getting the first hour or two right can help make your entire day more enjoyable. Give yourself the leg up for what you want to accomplish!


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