How to Be a Better Medical Assistant

photo of medical assistant, how to be a better medical assistant, medical assistant programMake the most of your career as a medical assistant with these useful tips

Self-directed job improvement is a key to success. Working on your own performance can make a significant difference in healthcare where you interact with patients routinely. Being a medical assistant is all about being useful to those you work with and patients you serve. These tips are useful whether you are thinking of a career as a medical assistant, are taking training classes now, or if you are working in the field already.

At the Harris School of Business, where we offer training to become a Medical Assistant, a Professional Medical Assistant, or a Professional Medical Assistant Plus, we want to provide all kinds of resources to support your work as a medical assistant. Your dedication impacts the effectiveness of your healthcare facility as well as increased job satisfaction for you. So take a look and see where you can improve in these areas:

Keep smiling
As a medical assistant, it’s likely that you’ll go from one task to the next all day long. You may not have much down time, have to switch gears constantly, and respond to requests from doctors, nurses, patients, and other colleagues. Schedules rarely stay on track, and it will help you tremendously to keep a positive attitude no matter what gets thrown at you.

Get to work on the early side
Being rushed is a recipe for stress! Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to arrive at your office, get settled, and get organized. When you can look over the day’s appointment schedule and check on supplies, you go into the day prepared for when things get busy or something goes wrong. This small gesture also broadcasts to your employer that you’re professional and dedicated.

Be a team player

Team members need to work together to operate effectively, and as a medical assistant you’re a critical member. Doctors and nurses count on you to take care of tasks thoroughly and quickly, but also take the time also to observe how the group functions. Maybe you can identify areas where a process could be more efficient. Lend a hand to someone else who has a lot on their plate.

Keep everything ship shape

A healthcare setting requires cleanliness and sanitation at all times, and part of your job is to keep on top of this. Even small amounts of clutter in an exam room can be off-putting to a patient who may be worried about the care he or she is getting. And it’s easier to maintain cleanliness when your baseline is highly organized.

Look for opportunities to learn

Working as a medical assistant means you are in a field that changes all the time. Doing your best means being proactive about your training. Ask your employer what you could do better, and find out what additional duties you could take on. Read blogs and journals about the profession. You’ll have higher levels of confidence and competence.

Always be respectful

Everyone at work deserves respect, regardless of the circumstances. How do you show this to supervisors, doctors, nurses, and other colleagues? Take direction well and follow through immediately with what they ask of you. Speak in an even tone of voice. Smiling and making eye contact make clear your willingness to be helpful, to coworkers as well as patients.

This advice will assist you in becoming a valued member of the healthcare workforce. Do all you can to ensure that being a medical assistant is a highly rewarding career path.

The Harris School offers three medical assistant programs at our various locations across several states. Contact us for more information!