How Harris helped Rubye find a Job in Medical Billing and Coding

find a job in medical billing and codingOne Harris student describes how the Career Services department helped her find a job in medical billing and coding

The Health Claims Specialist program at the Harris School of Business prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need to find a job in medical billing and coding. The curriculum covers everything from basic medical terminology to insurance forms to electronic health records.

One student, Rubye Green, was pleased with the way Harris’s Career Services department helped her get her career started and find a job after graduation. Read her testimonial below:

I attended Harris School of Business to learn the profession and find a job in  Medical Billing and Coding. The curriculum at Harris was extensive, and my instructor gave me the necessary tools to embark on my career path in becoming a successful Medical Biller.

Upon graduation, the Career Services department made a promise—to help me find a job. Career Services made good on that promise! My first placement through career services was not a good fit; however, it gave me experience. That experience helped me land a position at a reputable billing company—this job opportunity was also provided by Career Services at Harris School of Business. I’m grateful for their services.

My overall experience at Harris School of Business has been quite fulfilling, and I will miss the inspirational quotes at the door in the morning. They helped me get through my day. I would highly recommend Harris School of Business to anyone who is interested in the healthcare industry.

~Rubye Green

The Harris School of Business is dedicated to providing quality career-focused education, and to supporting students as they begin to look for a job after graduation. The Career Services department provides an important service to students as they are nearing graduation. From resume help and mock interviews, to connecting students with possible job leads, our Career Services advisors are here to help students get started in their new career paths.

For more information about the Health Claims Specialist program at Harris, or any of our many career-focused programs, contact us at 1.800.510.7920. No prior experience is necessary. Call today, and you could be starting classes in a few weeks’ time!